Streaming Live Video to Multiple Platforms featuring Matrox Monarch HDX

Looking for a way to stream your live video to more than one social media platform or other content delivery network? Take a look at this article from Streaming Media, which features many products, one of which stands out - the Matrox Monarch HDX dual-channel H.264 encoder for broadcast, streaming, and recording. It offers a flexible solution to demanding video delivery systems. Read on for more information about streaming to multiple platforms:

Matrox MonarchIf you're delivering a live video stream, you likely want to publish it on as many platforms as possible. Here's the best hardware and software to pull it off....

...The least expensive hardware alternative is the Matrox Monarch HDX, a two-channel, hardcover, book-sized appliance that costs $1,995. The unit can input one or two separate HD-SDI or HDMI inputs, and can store or stream either channel independently. You can send one stream to Facebook Live or YouTube Live for public distribution, and a higher quality stream to an internal server for internal distribution inside the firewall. Or you can stream live using one channel and record a high-quality version for video-on-demand (VOD) upload or editing, or stream live to two destinations from a single input.

Prominent features include captioning support and a file-consolidation utility that progressively stores your broadcast to an SD card or USB drive to protect against data loss if the power goes out. The unit also has an SDI bypass that routes the SDI signal through the unit in case of power loss, so you won’t lose preview or other downstream functionality...[continue reading]

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