Streaming Media Case Study Superguide is here!

Screen Shot 03-18-16 at 11.00 AMOne of the best ways to learn about new products and technologies is from other people. The Streaming Media Case Study Superguide is loaded with hands on case studies from Teradek, Matrox, Osprey, Zixi and Videoguys! That's right we are a featured sponsor of this years guide. In our case study we tell you about our own live streaming studio built around the NewTek TriCaster Mini! Videoguys DIY: Live Production and Streaming Studio The newest Videoguys DIY is not about building a video editing workstation computer. Instead, their technicians were tasked with setting up a small in-house studio for tutorial videos, webinars and live production. This is the Videoguys DIY: Live Production and Streaming Studio

Streaming Media Case Study Superguide: Learn From The Pros

What’s the biggest key to making an informed buying decision? References, especially on big purchases. Online video has always been blessed and cursed with the notion of “promise.” As passionate as some companies are, let’s face it—much of this industry is still the Wild West. Say what you want, but our industry is still in startup mode, and as the target solution continues to run down that never-ending hallway just in front of you, a customer has to risk being the first, and hopefully reap the rewards. This is what makes it difficult to find case studies in the online video space. While some vendors will tell you the reason is that their customers don’t want to give away their “secret sauce,” the reality is that companies don’t want to put themselves out there for scrutiny, especially if they are publicly traded, albeit in a recovering economy. There are big dollars being spent on trial and error in our space, but many companies have yet to see much in the way of returns. This is finally changing now. That’s why we decided last year to launch an annual Case Study Superguide in the Sourcebook - this is #2. This is where you’ll find companies that have self-selected their participation in this sponsored supplement. The companies participating are very eager to tell you about their successes and have put a lot of resources into making these case studies openly available to you ... their potential future case study. They want to earn your business by proving to you that they have what it takes to help make you successful in an exploding market that is a moving target. Download the Guide here. You'll have to provide some information first, but it's well worth it.

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