Streaming Media Buyers' Guide: Video Switchers / Mixers recently posted an excellent article detailing the best video mixers buyers are looking for, to get started live streaming. Putting together a multi-camera shoot is no simple task. There is a wide variety of switchers and encoders, as well as software encoders and hardware encoders to pick from. This article is a tremendous resource in picking your mixer.

The article is a great resource, we are going to take a look at some highlights, below. 

Wirecast Gear System from Telestream:

Some mixers function as encoders, and some encoders are software based while some are hardware based.  The Wirecast Gear is the optimal method of running Wirecast Pro, a software encoder and mixer that functions as a swiss army knife of streaming.  The Wirecast Gear comes in three flavors, 310, 320 and 420.  This unit is a PC that can run Wirecast efficiently, with inputs for your production needs. 

The YoloLiv YoloBox:

The YoloLiv YoloBox is a hardware encoder and switcher with the capability to monitor, record and stream and fits in the palm of your hand.  This unit can ingest two HDMI sources, and one USB sources.  It also has onboard graphics, as well as the capability to add custom graphics.  This device can also stream to multiple destinations at once.  

The Roland VR-4HD:

This is a hardware mixer with the capability to add graphics, text, and bring in full HDMI video sources, as well as audio sources.  This mixer allows for some in-depth customization of your stream, and with it users can ingest a program out from a USB feed.  This means the VR-4HD can be brought in to a stream as if it is a webcam.  

Pearl Mini Production Systems:

The Epiphan Pearl Family are excellent streaming appliances that fit at home in a lecture capture setting.  The Pearl Mini, for example can take two HDMI sources, and make a customized layout quickly and easily.  For the education space, there is also integration with Kaltura and Panopto.  

The TriCaster Mini:

TriCaster production systems are some of the most advanced hardware encoders and switchers on the planet.  They feature capability with NDI, HDMI, Custom Graphics, SDI and more.  


"TriCaster includes basic features like title creation and overlay, support for video-on-demand (VOD), instant replay, scoreboard integration, a full audio mixer, and integrated motion graphics, as well as integrated video composition with virtual sets, social media and Skype integration, extensive I/O options, and other options too numerous to mention. Basically, with the TriCaster, you can produce shows like any you’ve seen on TV, such as the evening news, the Academy Awards, and the Olympics."

Check out the full article from HERE.

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