Streaming Media presents video tutorials brought to you by Videoguys

Streaming Media presents video tutorials brought to you by Videoguys: HP z820, Grass Valley ADVCG-1, G-Tech G-Speed & G-RAID Studio

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Brought to you by: VideoGuys
HP Z820 Workstation
Here we take a look under the hood of HP's new flagship workstation, the HP Z820, and examine both its design and performance advantages as a top-of-the-line system for video editing, graphics, effects, and other postproduction tasks.
Some video switchers have built-in scan converters for converting VGA signals to an internal standard that you can use in your live production workflow. If you don't have that, then you're going to need a converter like the Grass Valley ADVC-G1 that can convert that VGA to your output. In this tutorial we'll explore how the ADVC-G1 works and how you can incorporate it into your workflow..
Grass Valley ADVC-G1 Converter
G-Tech G-RAID Studio
In this article and the accompanying video, we'll take a look at two new G-Tech Thunderbolt 2 solutions in different form factors that provide excellent solutions for video studios in need of RAID storage.
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