Streaming Media Producer Tests HP z840 Workstation

334-C5-HP-Z840--PRIMARYOur friend Jan Ozer at Streaming Media Producer just got a hold of an HP z840 Workstation to replace his aging z800 and performs a comprehensive test and review of the new machine. Jan uses his workstation for video editing, encoding and file analysis and benchmarked the performance in all three of these activities over a 3-part, multi-page article. I perform three basic types of activities on my workstations: editing, encoding, and file analysis. With the Z840 in-house, I benchmarked performance in all three activities, comparing the results to my aging workhorse, the Z800. Beyond this simple comparison, I tried to focus on two aspects of testing. • Whether performance was enhanced or slowed by enabling HTT technology. • How performance varied based upon whether the disks used to store the projects are SSD or HDD. I’ll report the results over three articles: Part 1 for editing, where I tested with Adobe Premiere Pro/Media Encoder 2015 edition; Part 2 for encoding, where I tested with multiple programs, including Sorenson Squeeze and Telestream Vantage; and Part 3 for analysis, where I tested with the Moscow University Video Quality Measurement Tool. The results will show how much computer technology has advanced over the last 6 years, how prominent editing and encoding programs leverage these advances, and how to configure your computer for maximum performance in all three activities. Click here to read Jan Ozer's full review and tests or jump to any of the parts below: Part 1: Editing - Part 2: Encoding - Part 3 (Coming Soon)

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