Streaming Media Set up Guide to multicamera Video Conferencing Platforms recently posted an excellent article titled: "When to Ditch the Webcam", which could function as a useful tool for those looking to dive head first into live streaming.  This article is a guide to multi-camera streaming, and how to get started and elevate past a simple webcam setup. 

Multi camera streaming is absolutely essential to separate your live stream from the rest. Multiple cameras help break up the monotony of the talking head, and makes your potential audience stop and listen.  

For education, multi camera streaming and effects can make your virtual lesson more interesting to students.  For corporate streaming, multi camera streaming can boost your quality and impress your business partners.  

Multi-camera streaming also doesn't need to be difficult.  If you are using a USB webcam, you can swap this out for a traditional camera with a USB capture device like the Epiphan AViO Video Grabbers

Users can also find switchers for HDMI cameras that have a direct USB output like the RGBlink mini or mini+.

Check out the full article from to learn more. 

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