Streaming Media West Keynote: What Skype Can Deliver to Media

Streaming Media by Troy Dreier

Skype TX is here, offering a broadcast-quality rack-mounted solution for demanding media professionals. Streaming Media West attendees got a first look, as well as all the product's specs.

Skype calls have been appearing in television shows for years, but until now producers have had to rely on the off-the-shelf consumer version of the product. That changed when Skype announced at the 2014 NAB show that it would create Skype TX, a rack-mounted hardware/software appliance built for demanding media environments.

Delivering the second day Streaming Media West keynote address, Matt Jordan, senior technical account manager for Skype, explained to the media-savvy crowd why they should invest in Skype TX. Jordan has been with Skype since 2005?or through three different owners?so he knows his way around the product.

"This is a game-changer for Skype," Jordan said. Skype TX offers HD-SDI video input/output and broadcast audio input/output, and lets one operator easily manage dozens of simultaneous calls. The product's auto aspect ratio conversion lets broadcaster ensure that a call is always shown in the 16:9 aspect ratio, no matter the quality of the bandwidth. If the line gets too terrible, however, Skype TX can fall back to a still image while maintaining the call audio. The operator can preview a call and monitor performance. read more...

NewTek TalkShow

If you?re a broadcaster or live producer who wants to include more expert analysis and perspective in your , you no longer have to spend big showbudgets on live shots, truck uplinks and heavily equipped newsgathering crews, or waste valuable time coordinating remote live shots and low-quality phone recordings.

NewTek TalkShow is the easiest, highest-quality production solution for delivering live Skype video calls in broadcast-ready, full-frame HD. It?s a compact, 1RU system that easily integrates Skype TX software from Microsoft with professional production workflows using SDI I/O directly into any switcher. TalkShow brings the control of higher-quality Skype calls into the control room?and leaves nothing to chance out in the field.

Operators can enhance picture and sound quality of calls with broadcast-standard video and audio control tools and manage them just like any other in-studio source, immediately connecting you with anyone you can reach online, anytime?in distraction-free, broadcast-ready HD.

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