Streaming Media's Buyers' Guide to Live Streaming Platforms

With live streaming becoming a more and more important medium in today's uncertain times- its critical that those interested get as familiar with as much of streaming as possible. This includes platforms to stream to.

Streaming platforms can be a confusing topic to jump into- especially for those just starting out, and even with the best gear available- your stream is only as good as the platform it's geared at. recently released a buyers' guide to live streaming platforms. The article is a great resource to those trying to learn which streaming platform is best for their production. We're going to take a look at some highlights from the article, below.

Social Media Marketers

For Social Media Marketers, looking to dive into streaming, the best places to look are the most effective platforms- Facebook and YouTube Live. These platforms are extremely robust, and these are great platforms to gain a following.

However, when you are participating in a stream, and it is mission critical, relying on these platforms is not always the best plan.

Most third party live streaming platforms, however, can syndicate streaming to any major platform. The advantage is they will achieve your streams, and most will also provide technical support, when you have an important stream where failure is not an option.

Seeking Live Transcoding Services

Once you've chosen your conent management system and player, your transcoding service is the next to choose. One company to consider is Wowza Clearcaster.

The Wowza Device is a great way to manage your stream as you are creating it, and will send that stream to multiple online destinations, including all of the popular favorites like Facebook and YouTube.

Check out the full guide from to learn more.

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