Streaming Tutorial; Framing for Live Productions

One of the most challenging aspects when you enter the live streaming space, is framing your subject and creating an engaging stream. Regardless of if you're working with a webcam or a higher end camera solution.

Recently, created an excellent guide that will help when considering how to frame your shot for the most engaging stream possible.  We highly recommend checking out that article, and will be considering some major points from it, below.  

Firstly, check out this video lesson, listed in the article. 

"This 12:42 video teaches you artistic fundamentals like rule-of-thirds positioning, head, look, and lead room, and definitions of commonly-used shots like medium close-up, medium shot, Weekend Update Medium shot, and long shot. Then it provides specific recommendations for positioning your subject (or yourself) in the frame, covering scenarios from postage-stamp video shot for a webinar to full-screen one and two-person shoots for webinars, presentations, and other events."

Framing should also be considered when you look at the format you will be recording in, whether it is 4K or full HD, and what your aspect ratio will be.  The amount of your subject shown is important in creating an engaging composition.

Check out the full article to learn more, HERE.

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