Streaming Video for Worship Gear Round Up

In the house of worship community, streaming and video coverage are not only a trend, but a valuable tool. Churches are now able to stream directly to their core audience over dozens of platforms. But what gear is required to create an engaging stream. has released a great article rounding up some of the industry's top streaming gear, perfect for worship video.

Switchers Streamers

A switcher being implemented into your workflow is a great way to increase the quality and sophistication of your stream. Of course, we have some top picks.

Telestream Wirecast Gear 230

All Wirecast Gear models come loaded with Telestream's Wirecast Pro software. The Gear230 comes with expanded inputs and outputs allowing users to utilize IP/network cameras and streams.

TriCaster TC1

The NewTek TriCaster TC1 is a top of the line, cutting edge NDI tool and production system. TC1 supports up to 16 4K resolution inputs at 60 frames per second. It also includes four SDI inputs and controls sixteen different PTZ sources. Leveraging the power of NDI, SDI, HDMI and more, the TC1 is a powerhouse in streaming tools.

The SlingStudio

The SlingStudio is a completely mobile production system that is easy to use. Instead of a heavy installation, SlingStudio packs right into a backpack, and pulls in up to ten video sources. These video sources can include a smart phone feed, or a professional camera connected via the SlingStudio CameraLink.

This device is perfect for a professional stream, or a stream made up of volunteers- like many house of worship streams are.

Streaming Appliances for Simple Streams

Not every house of worship stream requires a switcher. Some streams are simple, single or double camera streams, made up of volunteers. And there are high end tools for these streams as well.

Epiphan Pearl-2

Perfect for a touch and go, simpler stream, the Pearl 2 is a great device to install into your house of worship streaming workflow. The Pearl 2 is built off of the original Epiphan Pearl.

Matrox Monarch HD

The Matrox Monarch line of encoders create low cost single source streams. They are also super portable. The Matrox Monarch HD is no different, and offers robust streaming by way of bonding.

LiveU Solo

Need a portable single camera live stream? The LiveU Solo has you covered. Using cellular bonding, the LiveU Solo is the perfect tool for going live easily, from anywhere- including your house of worship.


Now that you've picked your streaming interface, switcher and appliance, the next step is to decide how to capture your stream.

PTZOptics NDI PTZ Cameras

PTZOptics makes PTZ cameras in several flavors: HDMI, SDI, USB, and NDI. The NDI|HX camera by PTZOptics is a great tool for house of worship streaming. This remote movable camera connects to your production system over your wireless network.

BirdDog Eyes P200

The BirdDog Eyes P200 is the worlds first full NDI PTZ Camera. This sturdy build houses a smooth moving, sharp pictured camera ready to take your house of worship stream to the next level.

Check out the full article from to learn more.

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