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Learn how in this interview with Sony Creative Software's Michael Bryant

Sony had plenty to showcase at IBC this year, and while many people were focused on the exiting news around the FS7, Sony Pro wasn?t the only division that got people talking. Sony Creative Software had some pretty big news as well, as they showed off the updates to Sony Vegas Pro and also announced Catalyst Browse and Catalyst Prepare, which are two tools designed to streamline the production process in a number of ways. But because so much was going on at IBC, it was actually difficult to dig into the specifics about these products and updates

Now that things have settled down, we caught up with Sony Creative Software's Michael Bryant, who I missed at the event but somehow still managed to capture in a photo. We talked about how these new products can save filmmakers time and money, what sort of struggles he?s seen professionals encounter as they transition to post and what people are most surprised to find out about when they get their hands on these products.

ProVideo Coalition: At IBC this year Sony announced Catalyst Browse and Catalyst Prepare and also showed off the updates to Vegas Pro. What sort of responses and conversations did you have with attendees around these items?

Michael Bryant: We were very pleased with the response that we got. We got a lot of positive comments about the UI, about the workflow, about where it fits into the workflow and the problems it solves. So it was a very rewarding show.

The synergy we have going with some of the camera groups, what we?re calling the ?proxy first workflow? was really of interest. We had people coming over from the camera area to check out how that workflow actually functioned, and they were surprised to see how seamlessly Vegas Pro swapped out the proxies for the full resolution file.

Can you tell us more about this ?proxy first workflow??

The wireless adapters on cameras or the functionality that?s been built into those cameras enables a camera operator to create proxy files as they?re recording and immediately upload them to media cloud services or to an on-site private cloud. Those files can then be downloaded by an editor who can immediately begin to edit the project, even while additional footage is still being captured and uploaded. read more...

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