Streamstar LiTEs up the streaming industry

TVB Europe by Holly Ashford

Streamstar has launched its WEBCAST LiTE family of products, designed to revolutionise the concept of multi-camera live-streaming and switching. The WEBCAST LiTE series consists of multi-camera streaming solutions that allow anyone to create productions from a PC.

Available in four different versions WEBCAST LiTE 2, 4, 4S and the latest addition to the family, the 5S, which comes with features including intuitive touchscreen interfaces and split screen layouts. WEBCAST LiTE 4S and 5S also offer instant replay and slow-motion management within the system and LiTE can immediately play back any material without transcoding in live production, with the aim of saving the operator and broadcaster both time and money.

The systems accommodate a wide range of HDMI inputs, including ingest from tablets and smartphones. External computer screens running social media applications such as Skype or Facebook can also be ingested into the workflow, creating a multimedia studio and live HD stream, with the option to stream content to YouTube or another hosting portal. WEBCAST LiTE 5S features four HD-SDI inputs for use with broadcast level cameras. read more...

Turn Your Computer into a Multi-Camera Streaming Video System with STREAMSTAR WEBCAST LiTE

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Live in action!

STREAMSTAR introduces the most affordable, versatile and easiest to use streaming solutions including the WEBCAST LiTE software with HDMI input hardware. All of the new STREAMSTAR products available at include the WEBCAST LiTE software - an extremely affordable tool to easily produce broadcast quality productions for universities, schools, sport clubs, convention centers, hotels, government agencies, music clubs, businesses, churches, radio stations, entertainment venues or podcasters ? anyone who wants to share and promote their events by streaming live video.

WEBCAST LiTE Key Features:

  1. Easy to use - absolutely intuitive, almost no need for any lenghty training? 10 minutes is mostly enough to start working
  2. Speed of operation - faster than any other solution available today.
    Get ready to stream live in under 2 minutes!
  3. All in one solution - no need for anything else - no boxes, cables
  4. Innovative - Modern approach to switching and production
  5. Touch control - WEBCAST LiTE is optimized for touchscreen interfaces!

HDMI 2-Camera
Streaming Solution

WEBCAST LiTE 2 includes a 2x HDMI camera inputs for use with affordable HDMI camcorders.You may also use the HDMI output of any computer, tablet or even a smart phone to ingest other content into your productions. PowerPoint / Keynote presentations, Skype, Google maps, PDF documents, Facebook pages, any video on your system or even your smartphone camera can easily become part of your live broadcast.


Videoguys' Tech Note: STREAMSTAR WEBCAST LiTE software and hardware HDMI solutions are the perfect addition to HP Workstations and also work great in a machine built to Videoguys' DIY 10 recommendations

HDMI 4-Camera Streaming Solution

WEBCAST LiTE 4 includes the streaming software
with a 4-input HDMI hardware card.

Streamstar WEBCAST LiTE 4S
HDMI 4-Camera Streaming Solution with Instant Replay and SloMo

WEBCAST LiTE 4S includes the same 4-input HDMI hardware with additional software capability to add Replay and Slow Motion Playback from any of the 4 HDMI sources. This is the perfect solution for Sports broadcasts and more!

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