30 day trial of Streamstar software now available

Screen Shot 07-13-15 at 02.46 PMWe've been selling StreamStar kits that include a PCIe cpature card and StreamStar software. One of the top requests we've been getting from potential customers is if they can try the software first, to see just how easy and powerful it is. Now you can! Great job SteamStar!
30 day trial of Streamstar SW - the most intuitive and powerful live production and streaming software available. Besides it's standard features like 4 camera vision mixing, choice of inputs (HD-SDI, HDMI, IP), encoding, streaming, recording, audio mixing and many more, Streamstar SW also offers some very unique production tools, unmatched by any other product. Instant replays of all cameras in slow motion, comprehensive media playlists, tally/intercom system or the remote production capability with JVC streaming camera IP inputs integration, plus support for most popular video capture cards manufacturers. Extreme ease of use, fast operation, flexibility, superb technical quality and amazing reliability track record are the points that most producers mention, when asked why they have chosen Streamstar. Now you can discover why Streamstar is quickly becoming "THE" production tool of choice among streaming production companies all across Europe.
Download your FREE trial now!

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