StreamTek NAB 2024: BirdDog X1 and MAKI Cameras

Explore the latest advancements in camera technology showcased at NAB 2024 in Anthony Barokas' YouTube segment featuring BirdDog's X1 and MAKI cameras. These recently launched products boast enhanced NDI HX 3 format, delivering superior processing speed and image quality. Anthony discusses BirdDog's commitment to full NDI support and leveraging NDI HX 3 technology to exceed industry standards. Additionally, he hints at a potential two-tiered product line strategy, with the X1 and MAKI cameras catering to diverse production environments. This launch marks the beginning of BirdDog's new product lineup, with promises of more announcements to come, including potentially more accessible NDIHX options and premium 10bit PRO lines or a complete NDI range. Stay tuned for enhanced production capabilities with BirdDog's cutting-edge offerings.

Watch the full video from StreamTek below:

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