Studentfilmmakers Check out Atomos Ninja Flame and HDR Technology

2016 NAB Show | Atomos Ninja Flame Booth #C8925, #C9525

Studentfilmmakers blog [Banner]flame-fb-post-1200x630pxAt the 2016 NAB Show in Las Vegas, NV, StudentFilmmakers Magazine stops by Atomos‘ booth in Central Hall to chat with Tony Trent who shows and demonstrates the Ninja Flame. (Camera Model: Sony F55; Recording: SLOG HDR; SSD Drives Provided by: Angelbird; Monitoring: AtomHDR, 10-bit, 1500nit.) Within a month of launching the world’s first HDR monitor-recorders, Atomos announces new features for the Flame series, broadening the HDR usage & improving the ease of use when exposing for HDR – all of these improvements are the result of real world user feedback. HDR is the talk of the industry, be it content developers like Amazon or Netflix, camera brands outputting HDR log or end users experiencing the high brightness range of HDR for the first time. Atomos once again is at the crossroads of technology, fast tracking HDR technology and making it easy to use in the field with the introduction of the Flame series last month and a further 6 models at NAB 2016. In 4 short weeks since the Flame launch, Atomos announce AtomOS7.1 for Flame users which adds 2 crucial features that not only expands the use cases where HDR can be used but also vastly improving the ease of use in the field for setting correct exposure for HDR. The first feature is the addition of PQ (also known as SMPTE ST-2084) input and output, adding HDR functionality beyond on-board monitoring. PQ input lets you connect from your editing package for HDR grading using the Atomos product, while PQ output lets users connect HDR compatible TV’s and monitors to review HDR on set...[continue reading interview]

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