Students: Baselight offers FREE Powerful Color Tools

Future colorists take note! FilmLight is looking to develop it's user-base by offering Baselight, color-grading software for MAC OS, free to students. From NoFilmSchool Baselight remains a force in high-end color grading, and with the new free license for students, it's more accessible than ever. Producing the best quality software doesn't always win companies a user base. They also need a large body of skilled users—and a pipeline of new users learning to use your product to bring in as assistants—to have a chance at a market share. As we saw a decade ago with Final Cut 7 taking a huge bite out of Avid because so many students learned it in school, software companies need to ensure that the next wave of filmmakers knows how to use their platform. Blackmagic Da Vinci Resolve offers its software for free, then makes money off licenses for the full software and hardware accessories. FilmLight will now be offering a free version of Baselight for students, though the company will be taking a much different approach...[continue reading]

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