Supercharge Your Webcaster X2 in 6 Ways with Infographic

These are some FANTASTIC ways to trick-out your Webcaster X2 - and also a way to see how great this little, affordable live streaming device is. If you are thinking about getting the Webcaster X2, read on for all the ideas this article generates. Number 4 is particularly cool!!
From Epiphan

Our Webcaster X2 encoder comes with all the essentials to start live streaming fast. But we got to thinking: how much more can you get out of it?

We started brainstorming the kinds of Webcaster X2 accessories that can help take your live streaming production to the next level. Here are six great Webcaster X2 accessories to consider.

1. Add a battery and go mobile!

Adding an external battery (aka power bank or battery charger) to your streaming arsenal can be a real game changer. Using it as a power source for the Webcaster X2 allows you to live stream high-quality video on the go and from any location. To make this happen all you’ll need is the external battery and a USB to barrel type N power cable. The Wi-Fi could come from your smartphone once you turn on personal hotspot sharing. All connected equipment fits into a backpack, so you’re light and mobile. Imagine being able to create a professional broadcast of a live show, a concert, or a sporting event, all on a very modest budget. This setup is perfect for live streaming outdoors or at any event that requires some moving around to follow the action. Here are a few quick tips on choosing a battery and going mobile with your Webcaster X2:
  1. When choosing an external battery, be sure to pick up a robust and reliable one. The important factor here is the amperage per USB port, which should be a minimum of 3 Amps. We recommend this tested Belkin model, rated at 4.8 Amps. The capacity is also important to note. For example, a fully charged 10000mAh battery can power Webcaster X2 for about 3 hours.
  2. We also recommend getting a reliable USB cable that will be able to maintain the required amperage. We found that this 22 gauge Adafruit power cable works well. For both the battery and the cable keep in mind that Webcaster X2 requires 5 V DC.
  3. Consider the amount of cellular data you may need for your stream. For example, streaming 720p at 2 Mbps would amount to 15 MB of outgoing data per minute.
  4. Consistent bandwidth is another important factor. We suggest testing out the internet speed at your filming location in advance so you know exactly what you’re working with. The general rule for the minimum upload speed is 1.5 times the bitrate. For example, a good stream at 720p resolution with a maximum bitrate set to 4000 kbps (4 Mbps), a minimum stable upload speed of 6 Mbps is required.
Check out our How to go Mobile with Webcaster X2 tutorial for an in-depth look at how to live stream on the go. Here is some sample footage we streamed using this external battery setup:

2. Troubleshoot on the go with a wireless mini keyboard/mouse combo

This is a great lightweight alternative to using a separate mouse and a (bulky!) full-size keyboard to configure your Webcaster X2. A wireless keyboard/mouse combo literally fits into the palm of your hand. Portable and small, it’s easy to pack and very easy to operate. It comes with rechargeable batteries and a USB dongle that is stored in a compartment inside the keyboard (so you’ll never lose it). There are quite a few varieties of wireless keyboard/mouse combos, and most are compatible with the Webcaster.....[continue reading]

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