Switching From Adobe Premiere to Avid Media Composer

354-C01-Editing-primaryWhile Adobe Premiere has come a long way over the years, Avid Media Composer remains the NLE of choice in Hollywood studios, Broadcasters, Reality TV and Indy Filmmakers. No other tool offers the collaboration, media management and workflows of Avid. If you're going to be pursuing a career in editing, you need to know Avid Media Composer. I'm not saying it's the only NLE to know, nor am I suggesting that FCPX or Premiere editors abandon them. It's just the simple reality - Avid is the editing software used by professionals and being able to call yourself an Avid editor will help your career.
Videomaker by Chris "Ace" Gates It’s human nature for each of us to play favorites. Editors can display a strong preference for their favorite video editing applications. Conventional wisdom and marketplace prominence could make one believe that Adobe Premiere Pro CC is the most popular editing app today. It is true the Adobe platform is popular, and with the wide range of tools it puts in an editor’s hands, rightfully so, but popularity can be fleeting. Just because something's popular doesn’t mean it has universal appeal. Sometimes, it’s necessary to expand your horizon and learn how to work in new environment. Hollywood films and network television shows are major productions, both involving numerous crew members. More time and money is spent on post-production for feature films than what’s spent on any other post-production niche in the industry. The major post houses need an editing tool that is stable and scalable. For that reason Avid Media Composer an industry-standard post-production platform in Hollywood. But it’s not just Hollywood who’s fond of Media Composer, many newsrooms, which rely on shared media assets, are dependent on the Media Composer workflow. An editor who chooses to work in television or film can do themselves no better favor than learning to cut on an Avid system. While it’s true that editing is more about technique than it is toolset, it’s difficult to get a job when one doesn’t know how to use the tools that are set before them. An editor with a wide array of abilities, and a deeper toolbox, is most likely to land more gigs. There’s no reason for any editor to go without learning Avid Media Composer either, Avid offers a free trial to anyone who wants to explore it. read more...

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