Switching Update Atomos for Shogun 7

Atomos' Switching Firmware Update has officially been released and packaged as AtomOS 10.4. This is an update for their popular monitor/recorder- the Shogun 7.

Shogun 7 users can take full advantage of switching via one touch, and quad-ISO recording features.

Operation is very simple and straightforward – all you have to do is just use the touchscreen on the Shogun 7 screen to switch between 4 live HD SDI video streams up to 1080p/60. Send the resulting switched program output to SDI and/or HDMI for live streaming or transmission. Record all four inputs as separate ISOs, as well as the program output as a fifth stream. This is all done asynchronously, without the need for Genlocked sources.


While AtomOS 10.4 records all four switches in metadata, users have their choice of transition type. Your streams are captured and then can be simply imported as an Apple Final Cut XML file along with you ISOs, directly into your NLE.

Check Out This Video Detailing the New Update from Atomos

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Learn more about Atomos HERE.

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