T2 Express, Pro, and Elite iDDRs: Multi-Talented iDDR

Versatile. Flexible. Simple. Cost-effective.

You need a flexible, cost-effective, high-performing server system.

But, it has to fit into the budget, and into your space.

That's why Grass Valley® designed the compact T2™ intelligent digital disk recorder (iDDR) in three levels of functionality – Express, Pro, and Elite.

T2's advanced nonlinear production features, combined with time tested, VTR-like controls, give you the ultimate in versatility and flexibility. T2 supports a variety of SD and HD formats, and effortlessly integrates into your IT environment. Not only will you have exceptional picture quality, you'll increase efficiencies to help you get your quality content out the door or on the screen.

Easily integrate: T2 connects to all professional AV equipment, so you can integrate into any environment, without sacrificing the level of recording and playback quality you need. Plus, its compact footprint optimizes limited space.

Increase efficiencies: Because T2 has two playback channels and one record channel, you'll ingest, edit, playout, and monitor all at once, maximizing production time.

Increase ease-of-use: With T2, you'll manage production with the traditional functionality you need, while benefiting from state-of-the-art, user-friendly capabilities, including a high-resolution touchscreen display and control panels. T2's intuitive interface is the ideal solution for fast-paced production environments.

Each T2 intelligent digital disk recorder (iDDR) brings full high-definition capture and playback to the video professional. Additionally, T2 Express, Pro, and Elite iDDRs support real-time HD crossconversion and faster than real-time playlist rendering.

Grass Valley® T2™ iDDRs are complete and self-contained SD and HD audio/video playout centers. The front-panel transport controls have the look and feel of traditional VTRs, and its two output and one record channels support SD and HD content. The crisp, clear LCD front panel can display high-quality images and is complemented by a software application suite for managing and selecting media clips, clip editing and trimming, and playout—including playlist creation.

Featuring extensive rear-panel audio/video connectivity, T2 iDDRs can also accept files via USB 2.0, or by data transfer over a standard Gigabit Ethernet network. T2 iDDRs also accept media from other applications including HQ AVI, MPEG-2, QuickTime, Windows Media Video HD, JPEG, TIFF, TARGA, and BMP files.

With the T2 iDDR, users can exchange content at high speed over a network or via removable media such as SSDthrough USB or the dedicated 2.5-inch HDD/SSD slot. Further, the T2 iDDR can be controlled by our Indigo™ A/V mixer— combining features normally found in video production switchers, presentation mixers, and audio mixers—to create a powerful presentation system. Every T2 iDDR has two playout channels for independent editing and previewing, or for delivering content to two different display systems simultaneously, including left-eye/right-eye 3D content.

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