Talking HitFilm with Javert Valbarr

FXHOME by Kristie Tostevin Valbarr’s been covering HitFilm on his YouTube channel for three years and his quick-fire tutorials have gone from strength to strength. His recent HitFilm 3 Pro videos are well worth checking out and he’s got more on the way, including one created for Here’s what Valbarr had to say about his YouTube channel InScape Digital and what he enjoys most about making tutorials: Kirstie: You started up your YouTube channel InScape Digital in 2011 – what/who inspired you to start making VFX tutorials? Valbarr: I initially became interested in visual effects back in 2010 after seeing a few fan-made Star Wars lightsaber fights on YouTube. As I learned more about the art of post-production, I also became aware of the many software products available. When I first learned that HitFilm was being released I was excited to try a new visual effects program. I figured there would be a limited amount of tutorials available, so I thought it would be a good investment to get a jump start on this new software and help spread knowledge on how to use it. The creation of these tutorials also helps me in furthering my own expertise and abilities for developing visual effects. Kirstie: Your skill level has advanced massively in the last few years – how much time do you find you spend on your projects (considering the fact you’re also at university)? Valbarr: I am currently attending the University of Cincinnati College and Conservatory Music (CCM) with a Major in Electronic Media. Depending on which tutorial I’m working on, the final product video can take anywhere from a few days to 3 weeks, depending on if it is a single shot or what I call a “VFX Short”. Recording and editing the tutorial then takes maybe another 2-3 days. Balancing my educational work and my hobby has taken some time to figure out but I am getting better the more I do it. I am really enjoying learning the academic side of my interests, as well as continually developing my abilities with HitFilm. Kirstie: Sounds great! You’ve covered a number of features with your tutorials – what are you most interested in, and why? Valbarr: Well, I find myself continually going back to the particle simulator. It is such a fun and customizable effect, and there is really a lot you can do with it. The effect you are going for might not even resemble particles, but that’s possible because you can change the appearance to whatever you need it to be. Anything from customized explosions, fire, rain or lightning can be created, as I have demonstrated on my YouTube channel. read more and watch the videos...

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Our thanks again to Valbarr for his time.

If you’re going to be following tutorials from us, Valbarr or anybody else, make sure you’ve got the latest update which added the new LUT effect amongst other things – and keep your eyes peeled for the next one!

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