Talking Remote Editing with the Expert Michael Kammes

With more and more people across the country working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic, remote editing has become a valuable tool. Many film and video editors have had to reset their home office, and start editing while away from work.

Michael Kammes is a certified remote editing expect. recently released an article speaking with Kammes about working remotely.

In the article, Kammes reflects that there is a lot more to what remote editing can mean, other than the traditional sense.

The article details a podcast interview with Kammes where he goes in depth on how to get started in remote editing.

The interview addresses the remote streaming topic on many levels including:

  • Physically moving media via hard drives
  • Remote dialing into an edit system such as TeamViewer, LogMeIn, or Google Remote
  • Using Dropbox or Google Drive to move media
  • Mounting media from the cloud
  • Using VPN's
  • The reality and cost of remote editing
  • The difference between true remote editing or working with a client remotely.

The interview sheds light on a lot of great information and is well worth checking out, HERE.

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