Tapeless Capturing with FireStore FS-4 and Final Cut Pro

Written by Daniel and Donald Berube, noisybrain. Productions, LLC FS4Streamline your edit workflow by capturing to hard disk as you shoot with the FireStore FS-4 DTE Recorder. Save time and money by outputting faster and more efficiently. DTE Technology in the Field DTE (or "Direct To Edit") Technology means that the FireStore FS-4 Disk Recorder captures DV footage in most any native NLE file format you may need to fast "edit-ready" 5400 rpm hard disks. Here’s how the FireStore DTE process works with Final Cut Pro when working with DV footage shot with a standard DV camcorder. Gear List: - Focus Enhancements FireStore FS-4 DTE Recorder - Canon XL2 Digital Camcorder - G4 or G5 Mac running Final Cut Pro HD on Mac OS X - 6pin-to-4pin FireWire cable, 6pin-to-6pin FireWire cable read more...

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