TD Garden Delivers More Action for Less Money with NewTek Solutions

Newtek DSCN0354-copy-1TD Garden credits NewTek solutions for fan-focused experience With on-ice action as compelling as it’s been, the hurdle for TD Garden’s audio-video department is to deliver something extraordinary that makes actually being at the arena for a game, even more special. “The top challenge we face at the Garden is how do we enhance the experience of the fans who attend a game, so that they not only see all of the game action live, but also the highlights and key plays on video. We want to create an overall experience that makes the price of their ticket a great value and leaves them wanting to return again,” says John Mitchell, director of audio-video at TD Garden. Fortunately for Mitchell and the 35-person staff he manages, this task is made much easier thanks to an impressive, multimillion dollar scoreboard with giant, integrated HD LED displays and a bevy of high-tech, HD video production gear that make it possible for fans to view slow-motion replays, regardless of where they are sitting. For this season’s play, TD Garden added two NewTek 3Play replay systems, taking the number of different camera shots available for instant replay to 11. With so many angles covered, the LED screen coverage has never been better. “Thanks to the 3Play systems, close overhead goal cameras - which we’ve never before had- and in-net cameras, we are able to bring up multiple replays from various angles that give fans in the Garden an incredible view of the action.” NewTek 3Play, a professional slow motion instant replay system, delivers network-quality, multi-camera ISO recording and playback with pristine slow-motion replay. Priced far lower than legacy alternatives, 3Play makes it possible for any video operation, from high school to major league teams, to add slow-motion instant replay to game coverage. For TD Garden, the low cost means Mitchell has more channels of instant replay available for arena coverage of the Boston Bruins, the Boston Celtics NBA franchise, and any entertainment act or special event held at the facility. read more...

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