Tech Tip with Gary | Videoguys News Day 2sDay (11-05-19)

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Gary gave people a great tech tip before going live with the Videoguys News Day 2sDay Webinar on Epiphan! It is important to always do some kind of test stream before actually going live. Thus Gary brings up a good point.

Test the stream under the exact conditions the stream will be running on later!

People love to take short cuts. Perhaps it is not hooking in that 3rd camera? Or maybe not plugging in the YouTube feed and focusing on Facebook? Perhaps a setting was changed in the Tricaster TC1 and suddenly the stream is outputting all wrong.

To be clear, this has happened to us at Videoguys. Biding by this tip will only save streamers a lot of worry and heart ache. Perhaps this will cause more work upfront, but the results will make any streamer's life easier in the long run.

When adding something new, make sure what is already hooked up is running well. Only then add the new thing to your production workflow. And make sure this is done one at a time. Gary brings up a good point that it is easy to get overly excited with new toys for streams.

Take a step back, and hook everything in ONE AT A TIME.

This goes for firmware, software, updates, hardware, and anything being added to an already created workflow.

Watch the full video here!

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