TecnoTur Provideo Blog Advice for those Defecting from FCP

When Allan Tepper began publishing his FCP-exodus articles last year, even some other ProVideo Coalition magazine writers thought and commented that his words were an exaggeration. However, now some of them are defecting from Final Cut Pro, and several other award-winning editors are doing the same. Part of the enticement to jump ship are the special crossgrade pricing being offered by Adobe and Avid, and part is the fact that they need either features which are currently missing in FCP X and/or the need to import FCP 6/7 projects in their new editor. In this article on the TecnoTur Provideo Blog on Pro Video Coalition, Allan rounds up the crossover pricing from Adobe, Avid, and SingularSoftware, which has reversed its prior policy based upon this new era of turmoil in video editing tools.

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