Tej Babra: Hands on Review of FCPX

Art of The Guillotine by Tej Babra

By now I am sure everyone has heard all the bad press, negative reviews and blogs on FCPX. I am sure you know what is missing out of FCPX, if you don’t then clearly you are extremely busy and did not even know FCPX was released, therefore kudos to you.

Before I begin this review I would like to point out 2 things. First this will not be a rant by any means. Secondly, I did not get this review up earlier as I wanted to examine FCPX for at least a week cutting an actual project.

FCPX has been completely re-written to a 64bit application. It is no longer Quicktime based, which now in lame-ins terms much faster and more responsive. FCPX has also integrated SoundTrack Pro and Apple Color into it for a new low price of $299, include the new Motion 5 and the updated Compressor at $49 each, and you can see this replaces the old Final Cut Studio at a much lower price.

Initially I was amazed by the colors of the application. It just looked pretty, and yes it does remind me of iMovie. However, I have never worked with iMovie, I have only seen it at a glance, so I can’t comment on how closely it resembles iMove. read more...

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