Tej Barbra: Building a PC Part 1

By Tej Babra

In my previous article, I discussed setting aside a budget and what were the your needs out of building your first PC. I also briefly touched on the parts needed to build my new edit station. However I really did not go into to much detail, so let’s begin with my assembled laundry list of PC Parts I selected to build my PC.


First, I chose my processor, as this would enviably dictate every other piece of gear that I would need to support it. I chose an Intel i7 3770k. The k in the designation means the processor is unlocked, and I can over-clock the processor to gain even more performance gains. But I will go into that a little later.


Next, I chose a case to fit all my parts. I knew I wanted something large, and that could be easily upgraded with various parts later on. Choosing a case with plenty of room and a great cable management is crucial. There is nothing worse than working with cables in a tight space, or finding out the parts you selected can’t fit in your case due to size. I chose the Cooler Master HAF X case. This case is quiet large and simply very easy to work with, providing me with plenty of options and cable management. I like how I am able to add and remove additional hard drives easily with their tray system. The case also supports USB 3.0 which is a great addition for editing. read more...

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