Telestream: 10 Things to Consider When Encoding Video for Distribution to Multiple Platforms

Telestream EpisodeKevin Louden, Product Manager at Telestream, has over 16 years of experience in video production, working on projects ranging from national television series to live multi-camera events and single camera productions. Since joining Telestream in 1999, Kevin has helped users around the world get the most out of Telestream’s hardware and software products. In this article Kevin provides his list of 10 things to consider when encoding video.

  1. Plan the Video Encoding Workflow
  2. Decide on the Destination
  3. Find Format Flexibility
  4. Transformation Process
  5. Quality is Key
  6. Speed is Important
  7. Audio Complexities
  8. Editing and Fine-tuning Capabilities
  9. Metadata
  10. Price and Productivity

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