Telestream Releases Wirecast 4.3 Live Streaming Production Software

Now available, Wirecast 4.3 offers live thumbnails, a countdown clock for recorded video, and new integration with Teradek for even more sophisticated live streaming capabilities.

Nevada City, Calif., May 20, 2013 – Telestream®, the leading provider of digital media tools and workflow solutions, today announced the release of Wirecast® 4.3 live streaming production software. This free update adds a new live thumbnail feature for real-time monitoring of all live sources. Wirecast 4.3 also adds a countdown clock for managing recorded video within a broadcast, as well as new integration with Teradek for more flexible live streaming options.

“We are thrilled with the release of Wirecast 4.3, which adds even more sophisticated capabilities for streaming multi-camera live events,” said Filippa Hasselstrom, Director of Desktop Product Marketing at Telestream. “The new features in 4.3 enable anyone, from video novice to professional, to easily and cost-effectively produce more complicated live streamed productions, incorporating multiple remote and local live sources, as well as recorded video.”

The new live thumbnail feature in Wirecast 4.3 enables real-time monitoring of all live source shots in the shot window. This allows users to see exactly what’s happening on each live input at any point in time, making the process of switching between multiple live cameras faster and more manageable.

Wirecast 4.3 now displays a countdown clock whenever an imported video clip is playing, showing the time remaining before the video clip ends. This enables users more precise information to prepare for upcoming switches.

The addition of an innovative new plugin, developed by Teradek for Wirecast Pro enables flexible and economical live streaming options for easier capture of remote sources and more scalable publishing of local sources.

This plugin enables the Teradek Bond (bonded 3G/4G uplink) or the Teradek Cube (via Internet connection) to capture and send live video to Teradek’s Sputnik server software running in the cloud or on a server -- even from private IP addresses, bypassing firewall restrictions. Wirecast Pro easily pulls in the live remote sources from Sputnik; effectively enabling users to easily connect any remote video source on any network to a Wirecast system located anywhere.

The integration with Teradek Cube also supports UDP Multicasting, providing a one-to-many distribution solution without bogging down the network. This is ideal for live events where multiple parties want to tap into one video source for multiple distributions to their own channels.

Wirecast is the only cross-platform, all-in-one live streaming production software that enables capture, live production, and encoding of live streams for broadcast to multiple servers and platforms simultaneously. Wirecast is ideal for streaming or recording live internet shows, broadcasting breaking news and sports, streaming live concerts, transmitting church services, corporate meetings, lectures and more.

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