Telestream ScreenFlow 8 for Mac: New Pro Video Editing Features

If you're a fan of ScreenFlow and you're wondering if it's worth it to update to the newest version, here's a pretty convincing article. And with upgrades being so inexpensive, starting out at $39, why not? Find out some of the best new features in the article reposted below: From

ScreenFlow 8 used to be an exceptional tool for recording your Mac's screen and it still is —but the new update has it knocking at the door of apps like Final Cut Pro for video production. AppleInsider sees if it adds with one hand and takes away with the other....

...ScreenFlow 8 is now there.

We're still focused on using it for Mac screen recordings and there are some new features that particularly support this. For instance, you can now record a narration track right inside the app. Previously you would record it in some other app and then drag it into ScreenFlow as a another track.

Now you just press the button, choose your microphone and let ScreenFlow 8 play back your video as you speak. In practice you're going to need to a good mic and studio surroundings as you edit or the audio quality isn't going to be as good. Yet if you are editing in a good place, it's extremely handy to be able to watch what you're narrating as you narrate it.

You can also better see what your footage contains because of an improvement to the timeline. This is the Final Cut Pro- or Premiere-style bar beneath your video window that shows you the length of clips. It's where you can move the cursor to skip through your more

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