Telestream Wirecast for worship: Engage your congregation

Telestream Wirecast allows houses of worship to reach people beyond the four walls with their message. Wirecast is used in churches, synagogues, mosques, monasteries, temples, ashrams and retreats all over the world. Especially since the pandemic, houses of worship have turned to remote congregation to share their message and reach a wider community. 

Here is what some worship leaders are saying about Wirecast. 

"Wirecast is much more of a Swiss army knife than we'd ever anticipated. At first we used it just for encoding, then realized it could do virtual switching and had all kinds of professional capabilities that gave us more polish."
– Jason Lee, Online Campus Pastor & IT Director, Northwoods Community Church


"Yes, it’s true that the ‘BIG’ churches have all the cool equipment, but it’s also true that some smaller churches with smaller budgets can now produce quality video with the help of Telestream’s Wirecast software."
– Don Doss, Director of Music Ministries, Fredericksburg United Methodist Church


"We’ve discovered that operators only require one service, which lasts no more than a couple of hours, to become proficient. In fact, my 12-year-old son runs the equipment like a pro!"
– Patrick Cupples, Deacon, Media and Technology, Phillips Street Church of Christ

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