Telestream Wirecast Gear 110 is a Solid Turnkey System for Live Streaming

We at Videoguys are big fans of this new Telestream live streaming production system, Wirecast Gear 110, and the article below highlights some of its greatest features. The review is from an industry professional, who has some great insight into live production. If you are on the fence about a turnkey solution, you'll want to read this article and check out the product!
Computers are usually the weakest link in the live production world, because they are the most likely to fail. I have always been a diehard switcher console advocate, but the Wirecast Gear may make me a convert. It’s a solid turnkey system built from the ground up and optimized to run Wirecast... Where it’s right When a software company builds a computer to run their product and markets it as a turnkey system, it better function seamlessly. The Wirecast Gear does. It is built rock-solid. In fact, the only moving part is the fan. As a result, this computer is road ready. It also features rack ears and can be mounted to the front as well as to the rear with optional rear rail ears. In the newer version of Wirecast, the company off loaded a lot of the processing from the CPU by utilizing GPU acceleration....[continue to full article on]

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