Telestream Wirecast Gear 3 is Impressive!

Streaming Media recently posted a review article of the new Wirecast Gear 3 from Telestream. They tested the new Wirecast Gear 3 to it's limits and they were very impressed with the outcome. Read more from the review of the Wirecast Gear 3 below.

Wirecast Gear 3 is a family of turnkey live video  streaming and broadcast production appliances. Fully integrated into a single device, Gear 3 provides  plug-in-and-go live-streaming and video production for  up to five HD or 4K SDI, or four HDMI, sources. Live  sports, news broadcasting, worship streaming, and live/ virtual event production is now available in one  ready-to-go, convenient, rack-mountable unit.

Wirecast Gear 3 comes in four configurations: 1080p and 4K for both HDMI and SDI. All come with the AMD Ryzen 5 5600x 6-core CPU running at 3.7 GHz with 16 GB of RAM running Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC version 21H2.

"One key Wirecast strength is ease of use: You display a shot by clicking it on the timeline, which loads it into the preview window. Then you click the transition arrow button to take it live. Or, you can configure the shot to go live when you click it, which I generally prefer. To remove it from the program output, click Clear Layer on that layer and then the transition arrow button. Or, you can choose another shot on the same layer and press the transition arrow and the new content will replace the old." -Streaming Media

Wirecast can input videos from a very wide range of sources, including:

  • Capture cards in the unit
  • Remote guests via WebRTC using a feature called Rendezvous
  • Devices that connect via the Network Device Interface (NDI)
  • Smartphones and tablets on the same network via Telestream’s free Wirecast Go apps
  • Screens from computers on the same network via Telestream’s free Desktop Presenter software
  • Input from webcams and other devices attached via USB
  • Web pages
  • Web streams for which you have the necessary credentials
  • VOD content on disk

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