Telestream Wirecast Gear 420 is Great for Worship

The Telestream Wirecast Gear 420 is a professional live streaming production system from Telestream that is easy to use and fully configured. The Wirecast Gear 420 is one turnkey solution that is unlike any other.


Mark Hanna, a contributor to Church Production Magazine gives his review and shares how the Wirecast Gear 420 is a great streaming system for houses of worship. Houses of worship are using streaming now more than ever. With statistics showing how potential visitors will watch services online before ever attending in person, streaming it is basically required for houses of worship and great for them to gain potential new members. 


At the heart of Wirecast Gear 420 is the Wirecast Pro streaming software. Now, saying Wirecast is streaming software is like saying a Lamborghini is a car, it’s technically correct, but it doesn’t start to do it justice. Not only does Wirecast ingest your video stream, but it can also handle camera switching, graphics, scoreboards, PTZ camera control, you name it. It also has great built-in features that allow for some digital video effect (DVE) style effects that are easy to build and look amazing.

The Wirecast Gear 420 can stream and/or record internally as well as ingest SDI, Network Device Interface (NDI), and Wirecast Rendezvous inputs for remote conferencing. The Wirecast Rendezvous inputs might be an interesting option for multisite churches, opening up some flexibility for things like campus hosts in other locations or even the option of campus hosts talking with campus hosts at other locations. It would also work great for live interviews with people who aren’t local. 

Mark Hanna, Church Production Magazine


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