Telestream Wirecast Gear: The Power of Live Streaming from Churches

Found this great article from Church Production discussing Telestream Wirecast Gear and the ability to help churches impact groups of people that might not normally be reached! Check it out here!



It's an all-in-one solution that could help churches get up and going without the high costs and hassles normally associated with starting a streaming ministry.

There’s no denying the power of live streaming to exponentially increase the impact of a ministry, allowing churches to impact groups of people that might not otherwise be reached. It helps congregation members stay connected when they’re out of town or simply can’t make it to the live worship experience. Live streaming also expands the potential reach of special conferences and classes taking place beyond the normal confines of the main auditorium. In the past, streaming had been largely reserved for medium and larger churches with bigger budgets and dedicated staff. This was mostly due to the difficulty and expense of creating the infrastructure necessary to live stream. Beyond the cost of the equipment and servers, it often took significant investments of time and energy to effectively integrate the required technical components. Fortunately, streaming hardware and software companies today are recognizing the unique challenges that churches face and are beginning to introduce exciting solutions to address these needs. Enter the Telestream Wirecast Gear. Get It In Gear Anyone acquainted with the world of streaming will likely already be familiar with Telestream’s award winning Wirecast software. After years of working with houses of worship, the team at Telestream identified the need for an all-in-one solution that could help churches get up and going without the high costs and hassles normally associated with live streaming. “There are two customers we are interested in with the Wirecast Gear - the worship market and the education market,” states Ken Bell, project manager at Telestream. “Those are the two primary targets.” Announced at this year’s IBC tradeshow in Amsterdam, the Wirecast Gear is an all-in-one workstation designed for both installation and mobile live streaming. It’s a plug-and-play platform designed for mixing live video from up to four HD cameras connected directly to the workstation. The only additional hardware needed for streaming is a couple of video monitors, a keyboard and a mouse. [Continue Reading..]

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