Telestream Wirecast Gets New AI Virtual Assistant

Telestream has unveiled Wirecast version 16.0, the latest release of its premier live video streaming and production software, as reported by Pete Tomkies on Videomaker. A standout feature in this update is the introduction of an AI-powered Virtual Assistant. Wirecast, renowned for its industry-leading capabilities, provides unlimited camera inputs, integrates with PTZ cameras and control surfaces, and supports multi-streaming on various platforms. The Studio version accommodates two remote guests, while the Pro version allows up to seven.

The newly introduced Virtual Assistant, fueled by generative AI, delivers real-time feature walkthroughs, technical advice, and personalized troubleshooting in multiple languages. According to Simon Clarke, Telestream CTO, the AI component ensures rapid responses, with questions taking mere seconds to answer. Wirecast 16.0 also brings in support for custom LUTs, Video Filters for stream customization, Document Locking to prevent unintentional changes during live screencasts, and SRT Source for high-quality, low-latency video delivery. The hardware-accelerated NVENC encoder for SRT output reduces CPU usage for a smoother streaming experience.

In summary, Wirecast stands out as a highly customizable live video streaming and production solution, with the Virtual Assistant serving as a knowledgeable guide, providing swift and personalized assistance to users of all skill levels. The software is now available with flexible pricing plans for enthusiasts and professionals alike, starting at $35 per month for Wirecast Studio and $46 per month for Wirecast Pro, with discounted annual subscription options.

Read the full article by Pete Tomkies for Videomaker HERE

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