Telestream WirecastNow supports Apple Silicon and many new features

Telestreams Wirecast 14.2 is now here! Now with secondary display output, shot templates, placeholders, and support for Apple Silicon hardware.

Telestream specializes in products that make it possible to get video content to any audience regardless of how it is created, distributed or viewed. Throughout the entire digital media lifecycle, from capture to viewing, for consumers through high-end professionals, Telestream products range from desktop components and cross-platform applications to fully-automated, enterprise-class digital media transcoding and workflow systems. 

To be specific, they make the Wirecast program that allows you to mix and stream all at once. 

Wirecast is available in 2 versions:

Check out this webinar we did using Wirecast Technology to mix and stream the show!

For people with Wirecast Pro, it's now possible to make live outputs to a secondary display. Now there isn't a need for specific hardware to create this. It can be sent to a larger screen or a different capture device all in one unit now. 

Shot Templates let you make preset shots for individual live shows. Now you can easily set a camera as a temporary placeholder. "For example, an operator could assign a guest to a placeholder and once that guest arrives, they are automatically placed in all shots designated for them," wrote Brie Clayton from Creative Cow

Lynn Elliot (Senior product Manager from Telestream) had this to say: "This latest release of Wirecast raises the bar once again on production workflow for live streaming. Our goal was to further simplify setup and live production tasks so that users can produce even more visually engaging content instinctively, giving them more time to concentrate on guests and their audience.”

Wirecast now has a "lock features" icon. This will take a snapshot of the template and you can save it as a thumbnail. This comes in handy with multiple PTZ Cameras and know which preset is which. 

"Also, Wirecast features PTZ control for Sony X-Series IP cameras, which adds direct support for Sony X-series cameras from within the Wirecast PTZ controller," clarified Brie Clayton in her original article. 

Last but not least comes the addition of Linkedin Live-Auto-Captions. This feature lets people utilizing the useful Linkedin Live feature to enable auto generated captions for those watching on mute or hard of hearing. But that's not all, now there's an option to bring in Black Magic devices which can let you bring them in via HDMI/SDI (and includes Audio and Video). 

Wirecast has also improved their clock features with the following additions. 

  • Option to automatically start the countdown clock when it gets pushed live
  • Ability to display times in minutes greater than 60 minutes for sports and other applications
  • Option to display day-of-the-week only
  • Option to countdown to a specific date and time, for longer broadcasts and countdowns.

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