Telestream`s Pipeline - It`s a simple, powerful design that is refreshing

DMN Review By Heath McKnight Pipeline Telestream`s Pipeline and Pipeline Quad are encoding systems for networked Macintosh and Windows-based computers. It works well with FlipFactory, the company`s encoder (sold separately) that can place video and audio from nearly all forms of media, on virtually any device. This review covers the Pipeline ($1,950) on a Mac running Final Cut Pro(FCP), which encodes standard definition only. The Pipeline has two SDI ports (in and out) plus an RS-422 port (controls the VTR deck), along with an Ethernet port to hook up to a network array, or simply another computer. It`s a simple design that is refreshing, to be honest. Many capture cards and break-out boxes have more i/o ports than an editor may ever use. To review the Pipeline, I enlisted my friend and colleague, Aaron Wells of Silver Beach Productions. Aaron has years of experience in film and video production, and his Final Cut Pro online suite is set up for uncompressed standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) editing. We chose his PowerMac G5 dual-core desktop as our capture computer, and a MacBook Pro as the second unit. read more...

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