Telsadudes EXCELLENT post on why he chose Liquid!

AL7 UpThe following post was made on the Videoguys Video Editing Software Forum by one of our customers. He does a great job documenting why he chose to migrate from Studio to Liquid and why he is so happy with his decision! I think it makes excellent reading! Hello All, I have two small 15 minute LE7 projects under my belt now and I would like to offer my impressions to those who have made it all the way through this thread and to those who may still be wondering whether it makes sense to consider a migration from Pinnacle Studio to Avid Liquid.. I am presently busy trying tyring to learn the finer points of the product, but think it makes sense to share my conclusions. I know that I would have appreciated having someone write down thier experiences with the transition from Studio to Liquid when I was contemplating the move,... So here it is.. See beginning of thread for concern areas initially expressed. WELL, HERE IT IS IN A NUTSHELLl: After all is said and done and after using Liquid 7 for the better part of a month, my overall conclusion is that Liquid "IS" a good upgrade for Studio users.... Read on if interested in the details that precipitated my conclusion. Please note that I typed this off in a hurry so please forgive any typo and grammer artifacts in advance.... read more...

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