webvideouniverse By Troy Dreier Do you edit with Sony Vegas? In this, the third and final part of our Vegas tip bonanza, we bring you even more time-saving ideas straight from the Vegas developers, guaranteed to make your editing easier.
  • Space-Saving Archiving To archive at the end of a project click the Remove All Unused Media from Project button in the Project Media window, and choose Save As; check the Copy and Trim All Media with Project check box. Save these files to a new directory and back up this folder to a data DVD. Finally, remove the old project folders from your hard drive to free up space.
  • Freeze! Many times you don't get a good clean end frame at the end of a segment to fade on. To get around this use a Velocity envelope to create a freeze frame while the shot is still good and then fade on the freeze frame. read more...

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