Teradek and SmallHD Collaborate on Affordable On-Set Monitoring Systems

SmallHD and Teradek have joined forces to create an on-set monitoring solution at an affordable price.

One of the best new products from last year was the 703 Bolt. This wireless video receiver monitor is a great alternative to a complex directors monitor.

However, the 703 Bolt Unit is priced over $3000. Unfortunately, this is somewhat out of budget for most independent film makers/ videographers.

The solution, is SmallHD's affordable Focus 7 Bolt. This monitor also pairs perfectly with Teradek's new Ace transmitters. This entire solution is priced at around $2K and will provide a transmitter and a receiver/monitor combo.

The combination of products from SmallHD and Teradek also provides an insane zero-delay wireless connection- something impossible before.

Teradek AC TX Specs

  • Supports up to 1080p60 Resolution
  • Compatible with Ace, Bolt 500, XT, LT RX
  • Transmit up to 500' Line of Sight
  • HDMI Type A Input
  • Transmits to up to Four Receivers
  • 5 GHz Frequency, <1 ms Delay
  • AES-128 Encryption
  • 1/4"-20 and 4-40 Mounting Holes

SmallHD Focus7 RX Specs

  • 7" 1920 x 1200 Touchscreen Display
  • Built-In Teradek Wireless Video Receiver
  • Transmits up to 1080p60 Video
  • Up to 500' Wireless Working Distance
  • Waveform / RGB Parade / Vectorscope
  • 1000 cd/m² 10-Bit IPS LCD Panel
  • Daylight-Viewable Display
  • Dual, Hot-Swap L-Series Battery Plate
  • 160° Viewing Angle
  • 1 x Full-Size HDMI Input

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