Teradek Bolt 500: Smaller Size, Longer Range

RedShark News is giving us a sneak peek at the latest edition of Teradek wireless transmitters, the Bolt 500. It's not out yet, but the next choice, Bolt 1000 is - check out the Bolt line and available options here.

Teradek has a new addition to the Bolt family

redshark-teradek-bolt-500Teradek’s new Bolt 500 provides productions with 500ft of zero delay, HD wireless transmission in a smaller form factor than ever before. Teradek’s Bolt nomenclature is agreeably direct: the Bolt 3000 has a range of 3000ft, the Bolt 300 has a range of 300: you get the picture. The Bolt 500 opens up flexibility at the lower end of range needs, providing a 500ft (152m) visually lossless, AES-128 encrypted signal for $2990 and, more importantly for anyone using it on a production, no delay. What’s more, it’s 20% smaller than the Bolt 300 and lighter too, weighing in at 217g and contained in a 24 x 66 x 102mm chassis, all of which should help it integrate into most camera rigs with minimal impact...[continue reading]

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