Teradek Cube: Top 6 Features of this Amazing Camera Accessory

Teradek CubeThis is an old article but it does a great job going over these top 6 features of the Teradek Cube. Since this article was published over 2 years ago the Cube family of encoders have become more powerful, with higher data rates, longer ranges and more features.
Camera technology is not the only reason it's an exciting time to be a filmmaker. Manufacturers such as AJA, Atomos, Blackmagic Design, Convergent Design and others offer increasingly inexpensive solutions for bolstering and customizing camera workflow -- especially when it comes to external media recording and monitoring. Some of these devices provide functionality shooters have long sought after, and still others bring capabilities some of us may never have even dreamed of. The Teradek Cube is one such device, and here is the first part of my full review. Teradek is a manufacturer of next-gen wireless video technologies, a notably different mission than the aforementioned companies. Some of Teradek's offerings include the Bolt, for zero-latency HD-SDI transmission, and the Bond, for video streaming over cellular network. This post concerns the Cube, for real-time encoding and streaming of H.264 video. The Cube 155 HD-SDI encoder can transmit over 2.5/5 GHz WiFi or ethernet via LAN or even the internet. Its stream can be received by computer, iOS device, and Cube 355 HD-SDI decoder or 455 HDMI decoder. Its HDMI encoding brethren, the Cube 255, can do the same. The following points mainly concern the 155 HD-SDI encoder, but may, to lesser extents, also apply to the HDMI model and either of the decoders...[continue reading on NoFilmSchool.com]

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