NAB 2017: Teradek iOS Monitoring Tools for the Industry

Ogy Stolilov, tech writer, of 4K shooters 4k Filmmaking & Beyond created this great run down of the new Teradek iOS workflow.

NAB 2017: Teradek Announces Suite of iOS Monitoring Tools for the Video Industry

Teradek today announced a series of new products that greatly simplify and enhance the iOS monitoring workflow for cinematographers. From app to access point, Teradek’s Link, VUER app, and Serv products rethink the on set monitoring workflow and introduce a unified solution. iOS Monitoring for the Entire Crew The Serv platform brings high definition real-time video monitoring to iPhones and iPads over WiFi. At just 4 frames of delay, every critical member of your crew can view what is being shot without crowding around video village or requiring a heavy director’s monitor kit. iOS Serv and Serv Pro can be mounted on-camera or at video village and offer up to 300ft of range using their built-in WiFi access points or much further distances when connected to a WiFi access point. iOS The HDMI only Serv model supports up to 4 iOS devices at one time, while the dual input Serv Pro can stream to more than 10 iOS devices in high definition. Turning an iPad into a Director’s Monitor To get the most out of Serv, Teradek developed VUER, a free iOS application that gives users unprecedented insight into their live video feeds. With a built-in histogram, false colour, focus peaking, waveform monitor and vectorscope, digging into the details of your video feeds has never been easier. Also included with the app is a frame grab and compare tool, anamorphic de-squeeze, integration with Pomfort LiveGrade (LUTs), and much more. iOS For multi-camera productions, the Teradek VUER app can support up to 4 live video feeds from any combination of Serv and Cube devices. Each feed maintains the same 4 frame latency and allows independent use of VUER’s toolset, giving you fine control over the information displayed on each feed. For more information about the iOS monitoring tools and a wifi access point click here!

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