Teradek Live Prism Flex Powers the Pulse Music Festival

In the pulsating heart of the Las Vegas Festival Grounds, where the excitement of live music thrives, BC Live Productions faced a unique challenge: delivering flawless streaming feeds from three different stages to a multitude of destinations amidst the sprawling venue's connectivity constraints. With an audience capacity of up to 80,000 attendees and the intricacies of transmitting high-quality content across varied locations, BC Live sought an innovative solution to conquer this formidable task.

Challenges Faced: The task at hand was daunting. BC Live needed to transmit Program feeds from three stages to diverse locations, including local production offices, artist trailers, LED towers around the festival grounds, and off-site monitoring stations. With the vastness of the venue and the unpredictability of internet connectivity, sustaining consistent, high-quality streaming over multiple days was a significant hurdle to overcome.

Innovative Solutions: To tackle these challenges head-on, BC Live leveraged Teradek's cutting-edge technology, employing Prism Flex encoders at each stage's control room and harnessing Teradek's Core platform for seamless orchestration. By consolidating all Prism Flex devices on a single VLAN and managing transmission destinations through Core's on-premise Hyperion server, BC Live optimized bandwidth usage and ensured localized management, even with minimal internet bandwidth requirements.

Streamlined Monitoring and Custom Solutions: BC Live customized monitoring solutions for different stakeholders, utilizing Core Workspaces with stringent security measures to grant access via email and SMS. The deployment of user-friendly AppleTV4K decoders equipped with the Core TV App facilitated easy selection of stages for monitoring at production stations across the venue. Additionally, a custom multiview of all stages and local weather stats was seamlessly integrated into the Core Workspace, enhancing operational efficiency.

Tailored Solutions for Specific Needs: Private spaces such as artist areas received tailored solutions, with SRT transmissions and multi-channel decoders enabling technicians to switch between stages effortlessly. LED towers strategically positioned across the festival grounds seamlessly integrated Prism Flex Decoders, allowing for dynamic display cycles of ads, on-stage feeds, and important messages.

Results and Testimonials: BC Live Productions' technical prowess, coupled with Teradek's Prism and Core solutions, culminated in a flawless transmission of Program signals across diverse stages. Hunter Britanisky, Technical Producer at BC Live, praised the efficiency and reliability of Teradek's solutions, emphasizing their ability to meet the festival's technical demands with minimal bandwidth usage and remote management through Core.

Conclusion: In a testament to innovation and technical excellence, BC Live Productions successfully overcame the challenges of streaming feeds across multiple stages at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds. Teradek's Prism and Core solutions not only ensured seamless transmission but also instilled confidence among stakeholders, allowing them to focus on delivering an unforgettable live music experience.

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