Teradek Live:Air iOS Multi-VidiU Production Solution Tutorial

One of the coolest demonstrations I saw at NAB was the Teradk Live:Air iOS app running on an iPad with two VidiUs, eaqch mounted on an off the shelf HD camcorder. WOW! For under $1,500 you end up with a fully functional two camera live streaming production. I was blown away. Streaming Media's Jan Ozer does a great job on this introductory tutorial that covers set-up and basic operation.
Streaming Media by Jan Ozer This tutorial will demonstrate the Teradek Live:Air live video switcher, which runs, as you can see in Figure 1 (below), on the iPad. The Live:Air accepts multiple streams from different sources, and enables you mix an event, then send it to Livestream, Ustream, or any RTMP-compatible server, using only your iPad. 104619-liveair1-ORG

A Switcher-Like UI

As you can see in Figure 1, the interface looks like a traditional video switcher. It has the preview window on the upper left, and the live or program window on the upper right. It also has three sources of content on the bottom. A, just below the preview and live/program windows, is for text. Below that, you see the little picture icon; this section is for still images, and you can see the three screenshots pictures here. On the bottom we have our two video sources. read more...

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