Teradek LUTs on-set color workflow

The guys at Onyx Cinema just created 2 very informational and entertaining videos explaining the standards of on-set color workflow. They then go on to show how technology is changing the process to become faster and more convenient using LUT integrated products from Teradek, SmallHD, Filmconvert, and Pomfort. Check out the videos below and share with your audience. This workflow will also be on live display at Cinegear this weekend. Episode 1: Onyx Cinema gives us the 101 on LUTs and onset color workflow. Featuring a few LUT-packed tools including Film Convert SmallHD and Teradek. Shooting in Log? You need LUTs! Michael shows off some easy to use on-set LUT tools, featuring toys from SmallHD and Teradek. Remember to subscribe to get more in-depth reviews of each. Now, with Cinema EOS, Blackmagic, Arri, Sony and blah blah blah the list goes on cameras all featuring their own flavors of Log, use of LUTs is now mainstream and not some intimidating workflow. With it now within reach with affordable tools that are really easy to use, being LUT-tastic on your next production is a snap. Episode 2: Onyx Cinema's LUT exploration takes an in-depth look at the tools to master on-set color workflow. Featuring Pomfort ‪#‎LiveGrade‬, Film Convert, SmallHD 502 & DP7 and Teradek Bolt. Before the sun set for the low light test, Colin, Marcus and I wanted to see what these cameras can do to give us sexy slow motion. Unfortunately, the slow motion didn't make us guys any sexier... It was a great learning experience to know more about the strengths and weaknesses of each camera and what to tweak in the settings in the future.

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