Teradek New Wireless Video Products at NAB 2018

Live broadcasting pros will enjoy this roundup of new Teradek products announced at NAB 2018 this year.

Teradek Announces Bolt XT and LT Zero-Delay Wireless Video Systems

New for NAB 2018, the venerable Teradek Bolt is receiving a massive upgrade with two new lines of zero-delay wireless video systems. Completely reimagined, the new Bolt XT and LT demonstrate the union of form and function, their elegant design incorporating useful features like pass-through battery plates, integrated NATO rail and a dual SDI output. The two new Bolt lines will be 100% compatible with current generation Bolts (500, 1000, 3000, Sidekick2) and will begin shipping May 2018.

Bolt XT

The Bolt XT satisfies the needs of the most discerning professionals, from powerful software tools and rock-solid performance to smart power options and backward compatibility. Available with a maximum range of 500ft, 1000ft, 3000ft, or 10,000ft, the new Bolt XT line offers a professional solution for every budget....read more

Teradek Announces New Additions to its Popular Wireless Lens Control Lineup

New for NAB 2018, Teradek has announced the addition of several new products to their high-performance Teradek RT wireless lens control platform, including a high-torque superspeed motor, a 1-channel hand unit with lens mapping, and a 3-channel modular receiver with built-in RED camera control. The three new components will begin shipping May 2018.

With its silent brushless motors, numerous controller options, and an industry-leading 5000ft wireless range, Teradek RT wireless FIZ systems provide high-end cinematic lens control at affordable prices. At NAB 2018, Teradek has introduced a new superspeed lens motor, offering incredibly fast, high-torque operation perfect for large lenses and rapid movements. With nearly 6x the service life of brushed motors, the superspeed is poised to be not only the most powerful lens motor available, but also the most reliable and longest-lasting. Dual motor-cable ports allow for motors to be daisy-chained along the lens, reducing cable clutter on the camera, and a tool-less quick-change gear mechanism allows users to rapidly swap gears by simply lifting or pressing the new one against the housing....read more

Teradek Announces Link Pro: A High Performance Bonded Cellular WiFi Access Point

New for NAB 2018, Teradek is packing professional network bonding into their high performance Link WiFi access point, giving broadcasters, production companies, and first responders reliable, high speed internet access wherever they go. The new device, known as Link Pro, begins shipping May 2018 with a starting price of $2490.

Link Pro is a high throughput, dual-band WiFi access point with a 1000 ft. range and the very same bonding technology found in Teradek’s powerful Bond series of video transmission devices. What sets Link Pro apart is its ability to offer reliable network connectivity by aggregating bandwidth from 4x 3G / 4G / LTE modems, allowing anybody to surf the web, check their email, upload files, or even stream live video online from areas they otherwise couldn’t before....read more

Teradek Announces VidiU Go: A Bonded Cellular HEVC Live Streaming Solution

New for NAB 2018, the popular VidiU series of live streaming encoders is getting its first new addition in several years: VidiU Go. Built on Teradek’s venerable Cube HEVC platform, VidiU Go streams to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and any other online video platform in pristine 1080p60 video quality. VidiU Go begins shipping May 2018 for $1490.

VidiU Go is a live streaming encoder for businesses, freelancers, and enthusiasts seeking the cutting edge of broadcast technology. With H.264 and HEVC built-in, the Go gives you the flexibility of delivering live video in the widely accepted AVC format or taking advantage of the efficiency of H.265 during bonded cellular broadcasts.

Bandwidth challenges are never an issue for the VidiU Go with its state of the art bonding capabilities taken from Teradek’s professional line of Bond Backpacks. The Go includes two USB ports designed for Teradek’s new ​ Node for VidiU ​ ​ Go* modems, the very same high performance 3G / 4G / LTE modems found in the company’s high end professional systems. ...read more

Other Teradek Products at NAB

Serv Pro, Link, Teradek OMOD, and OMOD XLR2....read more

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