Teradek Powers Live Streams and Switching with Just an iPad

Live streaming has become a main provider of entertainment and is on the rise. The technology is being improved more and more each month it seems and much of the new technology is becoming easier to use. So much easier that Teradek has an app for the iPhone that allows you to produce and stream a live production called Live:Air Action. This all-in-one inclusive app has many built-in and a ton of add-on features that can give you the tools a live production system have at a fraction of the cost. Corner Canyon High School produces live streaming programming regularly and within a very small budget. Teradek's Live:Air Action and only a couple pieces of equipment including a Teradek VidiU Pro is all that's needed to get their production up and running. Daron Connely's class gets an introduction to live production in a meaningful and effective way. Just because it's a less expensive production does not make it less professional for the students and that's the important thing about learning live video production.

Since broadcasting is predominantly hands-on, one excellent way to give students the experience of live broadcasting is through publishing the high school’s sports games. This would not only give exposure to the school’s athletic department, but also give Mr. Connelly’s students an opportunity to learn live broadcasting. In the beginning though, this wasn’t an easy task.

Connelly’s class broadcasts at all major home games and some away games as well, including men’s and women’s basketball, baseball, football, etc. For these projects, they produce multi-cam live streams by using Live:Air Action, an iPad-based switcher app which offers a professional suite of production tools like graphics, scoreboards, transitions, and most importantly live switching. Here’s the setup:

Having the ability to publish professional live streams from an iPad is crucial for CCHS. With a slim budget and need for high-tech broadcasting solutions for the class, Connelly had to keep spending low while offering the right tools to educate his students. By using Live:Air Action with low-cost remote cameras like the AX2000 or iPod Touch 6, Connelly is able to deliver professional multi-cam coverage of their games. These broadcasts can reach thousands of views in a night....[continue reading]

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